Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Curriculum

Hey, everyone!

I decided to homeschool my children this year,
But I inevitably got the overwhelming "in over my head" dread.

So I said to myself,
"Hey, Rach.
Drop everything.
Take a breath.
Keep things simple."

And so I found Easy Peasy Homeschool,
a literal God send.
My downside to this program... 100% online.
It scares me that all of it is internet-based.
What if the internet goes out? Again.
All I have is a Kindle Fire.
Not to mention, the long pages...
180 days of all subject matter on one page! Per grade!
Scroll troll, anyone.

In order to follow such a layout,
without pulling my hair out,
I need the format to be easier to chew.
I'm sorry, in smaller bites.

Since I am too broke for printing and paper,
Investing in cheap notebooks should be fine.
I am in need of some materials for lapbooks, though.
But if materials are my biggest problem,
then everything else should be "Easy Peasy."